6 Content Creation Ideas For Facebook

If you’re trying to market on Facebook, then you probably already know that creating content posts every day can be a real challenge.

How do you keep coming up with ideas?

This can be a real stumbling block for many people and is the reason why so many quit and give up.

But we don’t want that to happen to you!

So, here are 6 content creation ideas for Facebook, to make sure you never run out of ideas again:

#1 – Lifestyle

If you want people to trust you then it’s important they get to know you. Lifestyle posts are great for this.

They can be as simple as sharing what you’re eating, a photo of your pet, something you discovered whilst on a trip out or just a photo of you at home.

They give a glimpse into your life and make a huge difference in building up that trust with your Facebook friends.

#2 – Throwback Post

We all have photos and memories of ourselves from the past. These can make great posts for your feed.

The best type would be to show how far you have come. Maybe a photo at your old job or one on vacation.

The purpose of a throwback post is to again give a glimpse into your life.

#3 – Results

Results posts are also very important and they don’t have to be about financial gains.

It can be a post about how you gained a subscriber or managed to set up your first funnel.

Results help to show that you’re on a journey and getting results of some kind.

#4 – Get To Know You Post

These posts dig a little deeper into your life and can get a lot of engagement.

Typically, these can be “Here’s 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me” style posts. Just list out things that people might not know about you and put them into a post.

You’ll usually get many people commenting that they share some of these things too and it helps to get even more engagement also.

#5 – A Tips Post

Sharing tips is crucial for your business on Facebook. They help you to stand out and to show that you do actually know what you’re talking about.

And they’re really easy to create too.

“Top 10 Ways To Get Free Traffic”

“Best 5 Ways To Get More Subscribers”

“6 Methods Of Making More Sales This Month”

Just choose a topic from your niche and put together a list of tips.

#6 – Polarizing Post

You can’t and shouldn’t want to please everyone on your friends list.

As a marketer, you need to stand out and not blend in with the rest.

So polarizing your audience is a great way to do this.

It can be as simple as sharing your opinion on a certain subject. Or asking what people think about something in particular and expressing your feelings on it.

These posts help you get get a stronger connection with your friends and are really easy to create.


Hopefully these 6 content creation ideas for Facebook help you to create lots more posts with ease.

Along with these posts, you can also share more traditional posts such as motivational quotes, ask questions, tell stories, share your wins, share your mistakes and let your friends into your world.

Once you can build up a know, like and trust factor then you’ll find it much easier to actually make sales on the platform.

You’ll get people coming to you, instead of the other way round.

And that is the power of attraction marketing!

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